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Supplemental material including comments on clock management in recent football games and errata for the book Football Clock Management

These items are in chronological order with the most recent at the top of the page. This page got so big that it began to download too slowly so I broke it into a separate page for various years.

Nebraska-Kansas State

A reader tells me that Kansas State chose to take a knee rather than attempt an extra -point kick at the end of their game with Nebraska. He further states that, as a result of the taking of the knee, one of the announcers at the game accused the Kansas State coach of point shaving. Say what?!

In Football Clock Management, I said that you should not attempt an extra point at the end of a college game if you only have a one- or two-point lead. That's because in college, the defense can run the ball back for a two-point touchdown during an extra point try. (In the NFL and high school, the ball is dead is the PAT fails.) In other words, K State probably did the right thing.

Don't get tackled while taking a safety

On 11/21/98, Notre Dame quarterback suffered a medial collateral ligament injury while taking an intentional safety with three seconds left in a victory over LSU. He should have been trained to step out the back or side of the end zone before being tackled.

Interesting clock game I have not yet had time to research: 1998 week 6 Tennessee over Arkansas