Copyright 2013 by John T. Reed

In February, I suddenly could not upload new article or changes to my web site. I figured out Yahoo changed the rules in effect forcing me to buy new software called Adobe Creative Suite 6. I was using CS 5. About the time it arrived, I went to Australia and New Zealand for sixteen days. When I got back I had pressing issues to deal with like getting my real estate newsletter out. Then my son was too busy to help me. I finally got one of my two computer sons to come figure it out. The problem had to do with FTP encryption settings.

In the interim, I posted a bunch of stuff on my facebook page.

Yeah. Yeah. I know, a lot of you hate facebook and always will and yadda yadda. Spare me.

I will probably copy and paste some same topic facebook stuff back here into new articles. And I will henceforth do more articles and less facebook. Articles are searchable on Google. I do not believe facebook is.

Sorry for the absence. Perfect storm of events overwhelming my one-man company.

John T. Reed