Coach Reed,

I've been coaching football and watching every level for a long time now and have noticed that many of your ideas are being used. For instance sideline play calling with poster boards is just a spin off of your magna doodle. Warp speed tempo? Chip Kelly must have bought your book. The ducks look like a team you would coach.

I used the place kick punt this year on varsity and the other team was lost. We pinned teams deep with the quick kick on third down. All that stuff inspired by you.

I have read the GAM book over and over and I have tried to find stuff on the 10-1 to no avail. I can't seem to figure out why the GAM would not work at the high school level. The concept is sound and innovative. Every D has risk. I think it would be a great D for Varsity or at least combined with something else. I used it at the freshman level and it worked well.

Thanks for your time coach
Tim Mitchell

Hey Coach,

I love your books. I have been coaching football and baseball for over 30 years, I truly enjoy reading your work. Keep up the great job, and keep me posted on any new books out there that you have written lately.

PS: I have the one on being success, lead me towards a direction, if you know of any other authors out there that come close to your work on success or motivation.

Coach Capra
Head Freshman / Head Baseball
Hartland High School
Hartland, MI 48353

Fantastic books on youth football. Thanx a million for keeping my coaching mistakes lower! {I'm still making them,but fewer}

Ray Landstrom

My dad bought me Succeeding and I loved it - just started JV Football - this was my first year coaching in HS and I can not put the book down. Your book is giving me many new thoughts. Thanks,


Your books on football coaching are fantastic. I've had them for 5 years now and still learn things each time they're read. Great antidote to the nonsense that passes as coaching these days. Thanks!

Shawn Frasier

Today I am ordering two more copies of your Single Wing book for my other offensive coaches -- there is simply too much good, insightful information in there for them not to read it first hand . . . and I need them on the same page.

Again, thank you for the excellent publicatoins.  I have all the other football books now, some in multiple copies.

[Your books] are awesome - best books on coaching I've ever read.
I plan on buying all your football books now!!!
I didn't realize what an "idiot coach" I was until now.
THANKS for slapping sense into me!!
I'm switching over from the veer & spread to the Reed Single Wing.
2 months ago (spring ball) I had a single wing (with fullback) run against my 5-3-3 and I didn't know what it was and my defense suffered a slow, grinding defeat. The coach running the SW was Coach Mohns of Saguaro High School, Scottsdale, AZ.
Matt Thornton
Chandler AZ

“Over the past few years, we’ve been impressed by a West Point graduate (with a Harvard MBA after his name) who has been coaching and writing on practically every phase of youth football.

“ All of his books are excellently written, splendidly organized, and thoroughly practical. And so we keep asking ourselves: Why isn’t John T. Reed of [Alamo], CA, also writing for the college and even more advanced groups?

“Perhaps because he is still at his peak in the youth game. All you have to do is take a look at his latest offering: Coaching Freshman & Junior Varsity High School Football.

“This is not your conventional football text with yards of X’s and O’s, photographs, and other simplicities. The author has evolved an original format. He focuses on just seven major chapters, which he stretches out into all kinds of fascinating elaborations.

“The most intriguing of his subjects is the awesome winning streak that was compiled by the De La Salle (Concord, CA) High School football team coached by Bob Ladouceur.”

Herman L. Maisin, Editor-In-Chief,Scholastic Coachmagazine, January 2008