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Herman Cain is running an ad on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

Herman himself does the voice. In part, it says that Cain’s 9-9-9 program will create 6 million jobs. (I do not believe that. How could anyone know such a thing?)

He goes on to say that Barack Obama will not tell you about the six million jobs,

because he doesn’t want me to win.


Who are you and why are you impersonating Herman Cain? What have you done with the real Herman?

Herman Cain would not say “doesn’t.” He would say,

Because he don’t want me to win.

Indeed, when he says “doesn’t” in the ad, Cain seems to slow down and take greater care sying that word, like a child who was walking along a sidewalk who suddely has to walk several feet on a narrow curb before getting back to sidewalk.

In another TV interview, Cain said one of the guidelines of the Cain campaign is to

Let Herman be Herman.

Well, that’s a pretty easy capmpaign promise to keep, one would think, but he already broke it. He’s apparently got some King’s English Ivy Leaguer conjugating verbs—something Herman would never do—in ad copy for Herman to read.

In that same interview Herman said

“We gonna do” this and “we gonna do” that about three times in a row.

Herman Cain don’t need no stinking conjugation.

Let Herman be Herman. Axe Herman for permission next time you be putting some non-Herman conjugatin’ in his ad copy.

That Ivy Leaguer has not changed Herman’s pronunciation of “economy” as“ ecunomy.”

When I was one of my high school’s delegates to Jersey Boys State in 1963, there was a big election at the end of the week. I remember one campaign poster that said, “Elect me surrogate. If elected, I promise to find out what it means.”

Herman Cain should expand his campaign promises on the “ecunomy” to say,

If elected, not only will I fix the ecunomy, I will also learn how to pronounce it.

For a more detailed discussion of Hermanspeak, see my article “Herman Cain is not smart enough to be president.”

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