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I am really depressed about the prospect of Obama getting another term. I think we lose America if he does.

Economically, we are toast. The current overregulation, overtaxation, and “printing” of trillions of dollars doom us to hyperinflation and severe economic contraction. That will be worse than the Great Depression.

Furthermore, we are in the process of rapidly losing our freedom.

No use for the Constitution or rule of law

Obama said in radio interviews and elsewhere that he does not like the constitution.

One of his few real jobs—part-time—was teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. His familiarity with the Constitution has apparently resulted in his having contempt for it.

Nevertheless, he took an oath in the Senate and when he was inaugurated to

preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

He lied when he took that oath. He will lie if he takes it again. He has no use for the Constitution. Nor does his administration.

Obama lists

Obama has caused the keeping of all sorts of lists:

• his campaign promises

• people Obama has thrown under the bus (It’s incomplete. I can‘t keep up.)

• people Obama has ordered put to death by drone

• lies

• gaffes,29569,1887005,00.html

• enemies

• vacations

• overkill,28804,1929415_1929418_1929427,00.html

• excuses

Here is a search result for videos of Obama excuses

Let us count the ways he has violated the Constitution

But the list I am most concerned about is the list of instances of Obama and his administration violating the Constitution.

That link only has ten. There are far more than that: czars who are not confirmed by the senate, the consumer protection agency being put in the Federal Reserve where it does not have to answer to anyone. The Fed dose not have the power to boss the agency, only the obligation to pay for it. Obama bosses it from the Oval Office. It’s just in the “independent” Fed to prevent Congress from exercising its Constitutional authority over it. Constitutions says Congress has the sole power to appropriate money. But the Fed has the power to “print” money and the money to run the new agency will come from Fed “profits,” that is, interest the Fed makes on lending out the money it “printed.” If Obama gets away with that, and it appears he will, expect him to move the entire federal government into the Fed.

There is also the Dream Act. Congress refused to pass it so Obama just executive ordered it, after making a speech in which he rejected that idea as unconstitutional. Ditto getting rid of the work requirements in the Welfare Reform Act, telling defense contractors not to abide by Democrat laws that say you must give 60-days notice of layoffs and promising to use taxpayers’ money to pay legal expenses if the contractors are sued for violating that law.

After saying our freedom of speech prevents the government from regulating movies against Muslims, Obama locked up the guy who made that YouTube. Claimed he violated parole by using the internet without permission. In fact, the guy got locked up to appease Muslims.

Obama also has his various agencies just run roughshod over the Constitution and other laws by promulgating regulations not authorized by the laws.

He has repeatedly violated the Constitution and other laws and nothing whatsoever has happened to him as a result. The agency in charger of stopping the president from breaking the law is the Justice Department run by Attorney General, Eric Holder. He was held in contempt by Congress. The U.S. Attorney who was supposed to take take action against Holder pursuant to the contempt citation refused to do so because his boss, Eric Holder, told him not to.

I assume there is a more complete list of Obama violations of the Constitution and the law somewhere. I would appreciate readers giving me the link to it.

If Obama gets re-elected, he will probably appoint two more political hacks like Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and that will end all hope of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Constitution for the next six to eight years.

If, after all this violating of U.S. law, Obama gets re-elected, Samuel L. Jackson’s March 2012 Ebony magazine prophesy will be fulfilled.

I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, 'cuz he ain't gotta worry about getting re-elected.

By the way, I had to do a Yahoo search to find that quote. Google would not produce it. That was a first. All they would show is his more recent Wake the F--- up! commercial for Obama.

Obamacare bomb expodes after the election

Obamacare did not take effect until after the 2012 election. But now it will. It will drive hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses out of medicine. It will drive many hospitals and health insurance companies out of business. It will incentivize many private employers to stop offering health insurance as a benefit. It will “force” the federal government to take over the whole health industry because “we gave the private sector a chance and it failed.”

So we are about to lose our freedom, economy, currency, and health care, and the American people are too dumb to care or too scared to try to stop it. About half the public does not care about Obama assuming dictatorial powers because they figure “he’s OUR dictator.” That is, he will use his dictatorial powers to take money from other people and give it to them. We now have government of the government, by the government, for the government—and the unions and ambulance chaser lawyers are de facto part of the government. The rest of us just work on the government plantation.

If you think I exaggerate, you are a boiling frog. See also salami slicing.

By the way, at least we know that Obama cannot run for a third term. Why not? It says so right there in the Constitution.


I think his suspending elections and serving for life will be one of those heretofore unknown emergency powers triggered by hyperinflation. The four Justices appointed by Obama plus one pre-Obama liberal Justice will uphold such implicit-in-the-Constitution extraordinary powers.

Don’t laugh. It could get you in trouble. At present, Obama responds to complaints about his violating the Constittuion by daring critics to sue him or vote him out of office. But as he told Dmitri Medvedev, he will have more “flexibility” after he election.

John T. Reed