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I have often warned of financial repression as a type of law that typically accompanies hyperinflation.

Here is a link from a reader warning of precisely that.

Treasury, Labor on path to nationalize retirement
by Jerome Corsi

The author and web site appear to be right leaning, but he cites a number of facts that you can confirm.

I have repeatedly forecast such an action not based on evidence from DC but just on the logic of how governments think about hyperinflation and based on what other governments did during past hyperinflation around the world. Basically, hyperinflation is a way the federal government picks your pocket. In order for them to pick your pocket as long as possible, you must hold still. By forcing you to lend the federal government your savings, they maximimze their theft opportunity.

From their perspective, forcing you to buy U.S. government bonds enables them to keep selling them after the bond market will no longer willingly do so. Forcing you to buy bonds enables Congress and the president to postpone necessary spending cuts even longer thereby making the ultimate hypeinflation and cuts even more difficult to handle.

John T. Reed