Back cover of the book How to Use Leverage to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return

by John T. Reed

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What they've said about How To Use Leverage

To Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return

... simple, down to earth, and readily understandable." Morgan E. Cartier, Real Estate

Broker/Investor, Ludington, MI

". . sensible, practical and well-written. Does not overstate like some other real estate investment books." John L. Gann, City Planner, Glendale Heights, IL

"The best and most practical/realistic real estate book I have ever read." Royden Peabody, Real Estate Broker/Investor, Boulder, CO

"Definitely ... worth reading ... does something no other widely read real estate author does ... points out the negative aspects of popular realty finance methods. . . " Robert Bruss, J.D., nationally syndicated real estate columnist

"Your writing has credibility! After reading several pages, my mind said, 'Golly, here is a fella I can trust'!" Earl L. Reardon, Manufacturers' Representative, La Crescenta, CA.

"One of the few books aimed at investors beyond the very beginning stages of RE Investment. I thought it was excellent for realistic, knowledgeable investor beginning to make their 2nd, 3rd or 4th purchases. A welcome relief from no-$ down ... suede shoe approach." Jon Richards, College Counselor, San Francisco, CA

"It's a real joy to find a book about a fairly technical, complex subject, which is written with such clarity and understanding for even newcomers to investing such as myself. I also appreciate the humor and common-sense of Mr. Reed's observations on the workings of the marketplace." Ron Hess, Carpenter, Seattle, WA

Why and how and when you should use techniques like...

How To Use Leverage To Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return gives you finance techniques which are

Before you try to use the "creative finance" techniques you learned from another book, or cassettes or seminar, you'd better read this book. It will help you avoid the damage to your reputation, financial loss, tax bills, and legal problems most "creative finance" techniques can cause.


John T. Reed is a real estate investor, Editor of, Real Estate Investor's monthly, and author of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors and How To Manage Apartments for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value. He is a graduate of West Point and Harvard Business School.




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