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I am finishing a new book, my first novel. I had not had a professional portrait photo taken in 28 years so I got one taken on 8/12/15. Here it is:

JTR at age 69

So I told Facebook to replace the prior Facebook profile photo that had been taken in 1978 by Money Magazine when I was 41 years old . Here’s that one:

JTR at 41

I was not going to say anything about it. I figured probably few would notice and even fewer would care. But Facebook automatically published a “John T. Reed changed his profile photo” message to everyone.
Oookay. So then I felt I should explain why I got the new photo taken and edited that automatic post accordingly. As a result of some additional posts, I added a couple of photos from when I was in high school and college. Here are those Facebook comments and the two additional photos.

Bill Mulvey says he likes this above. Thanks for the encouragement, Bill. He would know about these things. He was an Army Spokesman back in the day.
Before that, he and I were in the same squad (10 guys) our first day at West Point on July 1, 1964 which was about three weeks after I graduated from high school where I looked like this.

JTR at 17

Yulia Demkin If ever there was a kid who looked like he was headed to West Point, that is him.

John T. Reed When I was in high school, I had a crew cut to look more like a cadet. Ironically, after I got there, where we were allowed to have hair three inches long, I made sure I had as much as I was allowed as soon as I could grow it. Here is how I looked at age 20 at the end of junior year when I actually WAS a West Point cadet, not a high school wannabe. I probably looked a little LESS like a cadet when I WAS one than I did in high school. This is one of the many paradoxes of the actual West Point as opposed to its public image. I have a long article about that at

JTR at 20

John T. Reed I never noticed this before but I find the eyes of these four photos very interesting. The 17-year-old me has a sort of fake-it-til-you-make-it, deer-in-headlights look. When the photo was taken, I had not yet been admitted to West Point. I was just another high school senior. My mom and all her friends and relatives kept telling me I, “had my whole life in front of me.”
True, and I was apprehensive about it. Tons of unknowns including how I would fare.
The eyes of the 20-year old me, a West Point cadet with about 14 months until graduation, you can see much more confidence after just three years, but they were very eventful years. But no great depth of self-knowledge or world knowledge, just a sort of general sense that I will probably be able to handle whatever is to come.
The 41-year-old me photo at the top of many of my web pages shows the eyes of a guy comfortable in his own skin, Harvard MBA, father of three sons, husband, successful businessman and author—not Mr. Know-it-all, but relaxed about what has happened and what might come.
The 69-year old photo eyes are at the other end of the “you have your whole life in front of you.” This guy looks like he has figured out that life, to a large extent, is a colossal joke full of hypocrisy, mirages, satisfactions, frustrations, and so on. He gets the joke.

Here are the photos again side-by-side in chronological order for easier comparison.

JTR hs yearbookJTR college yearbookMoney JTRFischer JTR

I get a kick out of young people dismissing people my age as hopelessly out of it and not understanding what life is about in the year 2015.

Yeah, something like that. We’d maybe be more impressed if you were not sounding and looking so much like us when we were 20.

John T. Reed

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