Copyright 2014 by John T. Reed

Below is a leather name tag I got made by an on-line company. It’s the kind they sew on pilot’s bomber jackets and flight suits. Mike Medlock is my fictional Unelected President.
I will also get a presidential seal and have both sewn on a U.S. Wings leather bomber jacket ( I have then possibly use it to make the cover photo for my book The Unelected President. I say possibly because in photography and book jacket design, your idea does not always work. That is, when you actually create the photo, it’s not as good as you thought and maybe not even good enough.
For the past 50 years or so our presidents have been photographed wearing this jacket made by U.S. Wings. Here is a photo of the First President Bush, who was a pilot in World War II, wearing it (the photo is reversed—the seal is on the left side of the jacket from the wearer’s perspective and the name tag is on the right)
These name badges typically have a pilots wings on them. I have never been a pilot but both I and “Medlock” were paratroopers in the Army. And since presidents typically wear the jacket in military settings, it seemed logical to put the jump wings on there.

Medlock name badge

John T. Reed