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A reader referred me to a column by Ralph Peters—a retired lieutenant colonel who often appears on Fox News. It denounces Petraeus’s hypocrisy with regard to adultery.

I just learned that Paula Broadwell is also a lieutenant colonel—promoted to that rank in August 2012— in the Army reserves. I doubt she is going to get any more promotions.

Peters said on Fox that he did not mean to say he was above Petraeus morally with regard to commiting adultery; “Been there, done that, paid the alimony,” were his exact TMI words on Fox News.

Dueling alduterous lieutenant colonels.

Here is my one-word review of his column:


Do you suppose Petraeus and Broadwell are going to divorce their current spouses, get married to each other, and open a Crossfit in Arlington, VA?

John T. Reed

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