Copyright 2012 by John T. Reed

Forbes magazine did a detailed analysis of Romney’s net worth. My eyebrows went up when I saw some anti-hyperinflation assets, namely

$91 million of debt including “notes from the governments of Canada, Australia, and Sweden.”

$16 million of currencies including “currencies such as U.S. and Australian dollars”

$60,000 in gold and $200,000 in gold securities

I recommend the currencies of Australian, Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland for protection against imminent U.S. dollar hyperinflation. I previously recommended Sweden but stopped when I learned that they were contractually bound to join the euro Zone.

Romney holds notes. Those are up to ten years duration. I do not recommend those, but I point out that the notes he owns are in fiscally well-managed countries whose currencies I recommend.

He does own Australian currency just as I do and have recommend that you buy.

And he owns some gold—but less than a quarter of one percent of how much debt and currency he owns.

I do not recommend gold for 12 specific reasons.

Amusingly, Obama has 58% of his net worth is “debt securities.” Good, that means he will get royally screwed by the hyperinflation he is driving America toward.

Romney has 40% of his net worth in debt securities.

The only U.S. cash you should have is what you need to pay your routine bills. Your rainy day money should be in selected foreign currencies. You should have no money in bonds or notes of any country because of the hyperinflation danger in the U.S. and because of inflation danger in other countries.

Romney ought to know better. But in his defense, he is a little busy nowadays and has much of his net worth in blind trusts where others make the decisions on specifics to prevent conflict-of-interest appearance.

Also, Romney is a politician. To the moron voters, owning foreign currencies or bonds or even bank accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands, is treasonous and evil. Michele Bachmann recently could have kept the Swiss citizenship she acquired by marrying her husband. But she dumped it for political reasons. Bad move.

John T. Reed