In the 4/94 issue, I wrote that real estate investors were interested in more while fulltime RVers were only interested in enough. It turns out that one of my subscribers is James Schwartz. He is a fee-only financial planner whose college philosophy professor said, upon learning that Schwartz was going ito that field, “Oh, so you are going into the MORE business!” Chastened by that put down, Schwartz ended up writing a book called, Enough (1-800-9ENOUGH). The book, is, as its title implies, about financial planning which has as its goal, adequate income and net worth rather than ever higher returns. Enough is an idiosyncratic combination philosophy and finance book. It contains many detailed worksheets and explanations. I am no expert on financial planning—even less so on philosophy. It’s hard enough for me to understand real estate.

This originally appeared in Real Estate Investor’s Monthly newsletter.