Copyright 2012 by John T. Reed

The Sierra Club is scum. Their latest revelation of who they really are is a new campaign summarized by their executive director’s statement

We’re going to be preventing new gas plants from being built wherever we can.

By what authority does the Sierra Club have any say at all in a natural gas-fired power plant being built?

Plus, they previously were in favor of using natural gas to produce electric power. What changed?

American ingenuity—fracking—figured out how to produce it much cheaper. When it was $8 per million BTUs, and their pet “green alternative” energy sources—wind, solar, ethanol—had an outside chance to compete on price. But now that natural gas has fallen to $2.50 per million BTUs, the Sierra Club sees it as a threat to their efforts to get mandates and subsidies favoring wind, solar, and ethanol.

In other words, the Sierra Club is not about the environment or wild life or any of that. Those are mere, pretexts. They are watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside. The “green movement” is the red movement in disguise. They are against America, the American way of life, the American economy, capitalism, big business, cars, trucks, powered lawn mowers, fossil fuels, etc., and they don’t give a damn how many jobs are destroyed or how many Americans have to spend more and more on energy and less and less on everything else. They won’t be satisfied until we are all going to work on bicycles knitted out of hemp.

See the excellent editorial in the 5/30/12 Wall Street Journal. You want to know why a convicted felon who is still in prison beat Obama in the 2012 Democrat primary? Read this editorial. Before the Sierra Club threw natural gas under the bus, they declared war on everyone in America who makes their living from coal or who uses electricity produced with coal—a staple of the West Virginia economy. And the Sierra Club is not ending its war on coal producers and users, just declaring additional wars on any energy source that threatens Solyndra and their other pet Obama-donor, politically-correct corporations.

Removing the Sierra Club’s influence over energy and endangered species alone would probably raise employment in this country significantly by direct jobs as well as Americans having more disposable income from paying lower energy prices.

John T. Reed