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The U.S. tried to get the Soviet Union to join the war against Japan in the early 1940s. They refused. Then after we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviets invaded South Sakhalin Island, or tried to. Although the war was over, the Japanese held them off. With many reinforcements and Japan unable to help, the Soviets finally took over the Japanese part of Sakhalin.

Now that Russia is taking Crimea back, it’s time for them to give South Sakhalin back. Let’s have a referendum of the Japanese who were forced out and their descendants, say, next week.

I also have a foreign policy idea for rewarding Russia and China for their recent expansionist propensities. And it will fit right into Obama’s eye-dropper defense budget and aversions to U.S. military intervention: Germany, Poland, South Korea, and Japan should be encouraged to get nuclear weapons.

Also, what other parts of Russia don’t really belong to them? Any ideas, readers?