Copyright 2013 John T. Reed

I am very big on looking an the character of countries when picking places to put savings and to take refuge in the event of USD hyperinflation. I just learned about a new ranking in Alan Greensapan’s book The Map and the Territory.

The top eleven by percentile ranking are:

Denmark 100.0

New Zealand 99.5

Sweden 99.0

Norway 98.6

Finland 98.1

Switzerland 97.6

Singapore 97.1

Luxembourg 96.2

Netherlands 96.7

Australia 95.7

Canada 95.2

The six countries whose currencies I recommend are in red. The others use the euro or the Singapore dollar, weiter of which has a good debt-to-GDP ratio.

The bottom ten by percentile ranking are:

Somalia 0.0

Equatorial Guinea .5

Sudan 1.0

Afghanistan 1.9

Libya 2.4

North Korea 2.9

South Sudan 3.8

Congo 4.3

Zimbabwe 5.3

Haiti 6.2

In case you are wondering where the U.S. ranks: 89.5