The 3rd edition arrived at my house on 6/14/13. Here is a list of differences between the 2nd edition and the 3rd.

• 286 pages versus 284 in the second

• removal of over-age 12 material (that is now covered in my book Coaching Teenage and Adult Baseball)

• new chapter 21 on persuading other coaches to support my iconoclastic approach to baseball coaching

• discussion of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers with regard to the importance of youth athlete birth dates

• discussion of a new safety device: the fielders helmet and mask

• discussion of the bat manufacturers surprisingly switching from labeling bats that are too heavy as appropriate your various youth levels; now they seem to label them correctly so youth players will swing more appropriate weight bats; I can’t help but wonder if my first two editions inspired that. I chewed the bat manufacturers pretty good for that in those editions.

• addition of recent stars to evidence that throw-right-bat-left is the best combination

• detailed description of pitcher’s body parts during correct pitch

• additional books in the bibliography

• additional stats websites

Below are the differences between the 1st edition and the second edition: