I could go on. In my book, I said that 98% of youth baseball coaches are incompetent. That is, they do not have any positive effect on their team’s performance. Furthermore, about 75% actually hurt their team’s performance by encouraging bad technique and by lowering players’ confidence with criticism. Baseball is the worst coached youth sport of all. Youth soccer coaches are better than youth baseball coaches, even though most never played the game. The main problem is that most youth coaches do not understand the true nature of baseball. It is very different from other sports and other activities of normal every-day life and requires a very different approach.

A portion of this article was reproduced in the January-February 2002 edition of Sporting Kid magazine. However, they changed a couple of things. In their item 10 they had me say you should not encourage batters to swing before they have two strikes. As you can see above, I did not say that. I said you should not encourage them to swing at pitcher’s pitches before they have two strikes. Big difference.

In their Item 18, they added me saying that throws to bases should be low to help players make the tag. Bull! Low throws would increase the incidence of short hops. Just make the throw accurate, not low. Telling youth players to throw low is very bad advice. I didn’t even do that when I played semi pro. Just throw to the base. It is the fielder at the base’s job to get the tag on the ground after he catches it.

Good luck,

John T. Reed