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NFL and college coaches should buy these two books. Football Clock Management has been purchased by several NFL and college teams. Applying the strategies and tactics from The Contrarian Edge for Football Offense will cause your opponents to waste valuable practice time with little effort on your own part.

The Contrarian Edge for Football Offense by John T. Reed
$29.95 -My coaching books have longed urged readers to adopt contrarian approaches to offense. I wanted to write a whole book on how to do that and I finally have. It took me a year, but my latest coaching book—The Contrarian Edge For Football Offense—is now hot off the press. It was great fun to research...(read more)

Football Clock Management by John T. Reed
$39.95 - Bill Walsh on 6/1/04—John T. Reed had just delivered a clinic speech on Football Clock Management to a select group of prominent minority coordinators at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. Bill Walsh, sitting in the front row after his lecture on the passing game, stood up and made that comment to Reed. Walsh seemed surprised...(read more)