Some book stores and on-line book stores claim they can get my books when they cannot. I stopped selling to all book sellers as of 8/1/01. Except for old books that were in stock before that date, no book seller has any of my books even though they routinely claim that they do. Also, some book sellers who do not have my books claim that they are out of print. That is false, all of the books advertised at this site are available for prompt shipment by me. I am the author and publisher of these books, so no one can sell them unless they get them from me.

No phone orders

We no longer accept phone orders. They take more time than other orders, are very difficult to store and refer back to, and often have problems because of message cutoff or inaudible words.

No Fax orders

We no longer accept fax orders. They require rekeyboarding of all information and often contain errors because of illegibility, missing pages, transcription, malfunction of the fax machines at either end, and they require invoicing and reprocessing in the event of credit card decline.

No mail orders

We no longer accept mail orders or payment by check or money order. They require rekeyboarding of all information and often result in errors because of illegibility, missing pages, taking checks to the bank, transcription, and they require invoicing and reprocessing in the event of credit card decline or a check which is missing or for the wrong amount or which bounces.

Sales tax

Californians pay the sales tax rate for your ZIP code. No sales tax to any other state.

No rush, foreign, or hotel guest orders

We no longer accept rush orders of any kind. We did in the past and got incessant complaints about cost, delivery speed, and packages never arriving. Most rush methods also require us to fill out extra paperwork. We ship First Class or Priority Mail only. Please do not ask us to ship by any other method or to send you all or part of a book by email or fax. We do not ship to foreign countries or to hotel guests. APO and FPO (military and state department personnel stationed overseas) foreign addresses are treated the same as shipments sent within the U.S. by the postal service.


If we charge you in error, we will refund the erroneous charge. Since our order process is now automated, an erroneous charge is almost impossible. Our customers keyboard and process their own orders. If the book we send you is physically defective, please send it back to us with an explanatory note and we will replace it. All other sales are final and we pay no refunds for returned books.

A family not a corporation

Most book sellers are corporations with many employees to handle all of the types of orders we no longer do. John T. Reed Publishing is not a corporation. It is a home-office-based, family business. My sons wife, and I handle the orders. Since we got out of book stores in 2001, we have been swamped with orders. In order to leave time for hobbies, homework, and writing more books, we have to restrict ourselves to only the most labor-saving orders and the nicest customers.

No order status checks

Please do not contact us to ask about the status of your order unless more than three weeks have passed since you placed it. We get many such requests per day. Each would take about five minutes to process. We would lose about an hour’s work out of each eight-hour day if we responded to those requests—thereby reducing our income by 1/8 or 12.5%. Furthermore, in 98% of the cases, we would simply say it was shipped promptly by Priority Mail. These calls are the equivalent of a child on vacation constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” When you order a book from us, we ship it promptly by first class or Priority mail. You will get it when you get it and contacting us to ask when it was shipped or how long it usually takes and all that is a waste of time for all concerned. We have stopped responding to such inquiries if less than two weeks have transpired. Two weeks is not how long it takes to get the book. Rather, it is the time we have found by experience that separates the orders that probably have a problem from those that do not.


John T. Reed