How to find the official NFL play-by-play of a game from 1999 or before
Use this standard format:

You need to figure out what week of the season it was rather than the normal date (e.g., Week 2 or Week 14). Get the correct year. Then put the three-letter abbreviation of the two teams before the last slash. The visitor goes first. The team abbreviations are below.

ari, atl, bal, buf, car, chi, cin, cle, dal, den, det, grb, hou, ind, jac, kan,
mia, min, nor, nwe, nyg, nyj, oak, phi, pit, sdg, sea, sfo, stl, ten, tam, was

For 2000 games or later, click on NFL.com, then “Scores,” then “Regular season” or whatever’s appropriate, then the appropriate week, then “Game stats,” then the play-by-play for the quarter you want.

baseballreference.com baseball stats going back to 1876

Pac-10 conference

Coach help miscellaneous coach information

Vince Lombardi site

Roger Theder former college and NFL coach works with quarterbacks and receivers most Sundays in the San Francisco Bay Area 925-258-9375

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www.kcoach.com Coaching rumors, products, and other stuff

www.coachwyatt.com Double-wing guru Coach Hugh Wyatt

www.fogdog.com Football books and other stuff (I don't know why they call it fogdog.)

http://welcome.to/singlewing.com Guys who are making a documentary on the single wing.

http://members.xoom.com/singlewing/ Another singlewing Web site.

http://www.varsity.com/football/index.cfm Riddell sports football Web site

http://theyaleformation.cbj.net Yale single wing formation

http://scores.sportsline.com/scoreboards/ncaaf/2001/week17/playbyplay/NCAAF_20011227_AL@IAST.htm This is the full play-by-play of the 2001 Independence Bowl. I surmise from the beginning of this URL that you can get all NCAA play by plays at the parent site of this one, but I have not yet figured out the details.

http://www.a11offense.com/ Piedmont High School’s innovative contrarian offense that is a combination of the spread option and a last-second shift that reveals which of 11 players all wearing eligible jersey numbers is an eligible receiver for that play (permitted by the scrimmage-kick formation exception to the normal jersey number rule)