As a former Texas  High School football coach I find your web site absolutely refreshing.   Your article on contrarian offenses in football hits the nail on the  head.  The objective of offense should be to figure out what the other  team expects and then do something else.  Your thoughts on the NFL are  also on target.  It is now a boring game run by theater producers not  football people.  For evidence check out the Super Bowl half-time  shows.  When I became a head coach I ran the Houston Veer because it  was so different in the area I coached in.  We were able as time went  on to tweak it to fit our players abilities.  I wasn't trying to be  silly about doing something different just to be different, but as it turned  out we were the only team in our district to run an option play and pass  more that 10 times a game.

Thanks for your  web site.

Jim Goldsmith
New Braunfels, Texas

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Best wishes,

John T. Reed