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I just got back from a 9-day trip to Boston for my 35th Harvard reunion. Sorry to have not been home to answer emails and oversee books and such.

We normally ship book orders the same day or the next. However, this week we have fallen behind that schedule because of unexpectedly high orders for the second edition of How to Protect Your Life Savings from Hyperinflation & Depression.

Normally, new books sell that well, but not subsequent editions. So my son Mike (U. of Arizona '11) is working away. We ran out of Priority Mail envelopes and he went to a couple of post offices to get more. He also ordered more from the USPS. Normally, we order extra Priority Mail envelopes in advance of new books, but have never had to do so with a new edition.

I suspect this has happened because in the interim between when the first edition came out in June 2010 and now, the danger of hyperinflation has greatly increased and more and more people are becoming aware of it and scared.

None are as scared as they should be. Read Anna Eisenmenger’s diary Blockade 1914-1924. She was a doctor’s wife in Vienna during the hyperinflation there. You cannot buy the book. You have to borrow it via interlibrary search.

You will be appropriately scared after you finish it. It depressed me so much I had to go to a book store and buy a non-depressing book because I was taking the train back to San Francisco from Los Angeles and needed something to read other than just Eisenmenger. Why they never made a movie out of that is beyond me. I think it is comparable to The Diary of Anne Frank in its gripping power—and equally likely to reduce you to tears as it did me. After you finish it, you have to remind yourself that it was all true, not just some crazy, fiction horror story.

Our being overwhelmed with orders for …Hyperinflation & Depression affects shipping other titles as well because Mike processes the orders in the sequence they arrive.

Tonight, 10/19/12, he is working on orders from Tuesday, 10/16/12. They will go out tomorrow. Those who pre-ordered before we received the books on 10/16/12 had their orders processed and shipped that day.

Please do not tell me to hire a temp. Been there. Done that. One hid the checks she was supposed to deposit in a drawer that I found much later. Plus I was spending half of each Saturday training each temp for one day's work only to do it all over again the next Saturday.

Heck, when my son and wife were both away during one year's Succeeding book Christmas gift promotion, I did the orders, which I had not done in years, and somehow managed to screw a bunch up. So when we get unexpectedly swamped, the best way to deal with it is for Mike to just work his way through them one at a time.

Sorry for the delay,

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John T. Reed