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Deliberately violating the law

The 1974 Budget and Impoundment Act says Congress has to pass a budget resolution each year by May 15. Democrats have refused to do so this year in violation of the law. They are waiting until after the election.

Obama won’t talk about the budget until he gets a report from the deficit commission to whom he kicked the fiscal can down the road.

What happens to Congressional Democrats when they violate the law?


What happens to American taxpayers when Democrats violate the 1974 Budget Act? Our government goes bankrupt sooner. That’s because of rules like the one that requires 60 votes to add new spending in the Senate after a budget resolution but only 51 before it.

Writing in the Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes says the Democrats plan to pass spending and tax bills that will push the deficit even higher that its current insane level. They do not want to do that before the November 2010 elections because some Democrats who will vote for it during the lame duck session between election day and when the new Congress is seated in January will not vote for it before the election.

It is expected that many of the Democrats voting to borrow and spend even more money during that lame duck session will be persons who were either defeated in the November election or who did not run for re-election because they announced they are retiring.

They admit it

Hayes quotes one Dem on the strategy, Gerry Connolly (D-VA): [my comments are in red]

I’m not going to vote for anything with that magnitude [of deficit] [so vote against the majority budget resolution you are required to pass by May 15] Name one person who won o lost an election because they didn’t get a budget resolution passed. It’s totally inside baseball.

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In other words, he’s saying, “Yeah we broke the law but no one can do anything about it. So sue me.”

Ryan says they are deliberately fomenting financial crisis so they can pass VAT

Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) says Dems want a debt crisis so they can use it to pass a value added tax. That is a European-style federal sales tax in the 20% range on top of existing state and local sales taxes.

In another article, I said—seriously—we should amend the constitution so that congresspersons and senators are selected at random like grand jurors. Some object to that saying they would not be “accountable.” I repeat the response I made in that article:

In 2009 and 2010, our current Congress sure as hell is not accountable to anyone either.