Coaching Youth Football
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Coaching Youth Football has 272 pages covering offense, defense, and special teams. The book features the single-wing offense and 10-1 defense, but discusses other offenses and defenses at length.

As with all my books, Coaching Youth Football is real world and politically incorrect. The other youth football, or Pop Warner football, coaching books are quite politically correct and psychologically correct and tell you things like always be positive, focus on the fundamentals, make sure the players eat right, and speak of football generically without recommending any particular offense or defense. My book would have all that stuff, too, if it worked.

In fact you should relate to the players approximately as you do to your own children and as the parents of your players relate to their own son. Being positive all the time will not get the room cleaned up and the homework done. Kids need tough love. Fundamentals are nice. You have to teach fundamentals when it comes to the rules, safety, and the basics of various football actions like holding onto the football, keeping your head up, and so on. But most youth coaching books, and most youth coaches, spend far too much on fundamentals to the neglect of more important things like making sure the kids know their assignments. Making sure the kids eat right is a joke. Should their parents do that? Yes, but good luck. Mine didn’t. Do yours? In any event, it's not a youth football coach's role.

Talking about football coaching generically, as I do about offense in defense in my Freshman/JV book because varsity coaches rule that area, is not what youth coaches want or need. They want detailed instructions on exactly what to do. You cannot give readers detailed instructions without picking an offense and defense first.

Coaching Youth Football is my most comprehensive football coaching book. It covers offense, defense and special teams. My only other tackle football book that does that is Coaching Freshman & Junior Varsity High School Football, but that book offers no specific offense or defensive schemes because freshman and JV coaches almost always have to use the same schemes as their varsity team.

Testimonial: Outscored opponents 283-25

My name is Jeff Bateman, I coach little league football in Lynchburg Va. This year I put in the  singlewing and the GAM defense.I coach with my uncle who has been coaching for over 20 years.I ran the offense and he ran the defense. I change some things to make the offense my own but I left the key points in place. We scored 283 points in 10 games, the defense only allowed 25 points in those games. My 1st string tailback rushed for over 1100 yards and scored 21 touchdowns, this kid was only 8yrs.old. Thanks to you parents and even other coaches are asking what I’m running. I can’t wait until next year when I put the spin series in. Thanks again and you made a believer out of me!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial: 34 pts/game, recovered 4 of 7 ONSIDE KICKS

"Most of your offensive strategies/philosophies are ringing true for us. We're averaging 34 pts/game, almost 500 yards total offense per game and between 50-60 offensive plays per game. Recently we beat the Steelers 59-20, scoring the most offensive points in the history of the league. We recovered 4 of 7 onside kickoffs. On offense, we're basically unstoppable. I can tell you that I know had I not found your book, I might have done OK, but certainly would not have done as well as we have without it. Keep writing about football. My son can't wait to graduate from college and begin coaching at the high school level so he can try it there." David Garic, Radcliff, KY

Many buyers of Coaching Youth Football bought only that book and still reported great success in their local league. I recommend that you also get my Single-Wing offense book, my GAM defense book, and my clock management book, but the Coaching Youth Football book does cover those topics, albeit in much less detail. Once upon a time, I only had two coaching books:Coaching Youth Football Defense and Coaching Youth Football. It was during that time that many only had the Coaching Youth Football book and had great success implementing it with their teams.

If you are a head youth tackle football coach and you only get one of my books, get Coaching Youth Football. Offensive coordinators would be better off with the Single-Wing book although many offensive coaches have had great success just working out of the Coaching Youth Football book. Defensive coordinators are better off with the Gap-Air-Mirror Youth Defense book, but they still need the Coaching Youth Football book for its tackling and wide pursuit drills. They are not in the GAM book because they are generic and apply to all types of defense, not just the GAM. If you are a youth special teams coach, you need either Coaching Youth Football or Coaching Freshman & Junior Varsity High School Football. Coaching Youth Football is obviously more targeted at youth level but there is not much difference between the levels when it comes to special teams other than kick distances.

For more reader success stories, click on the reader comments link above. Coaching Youth Football is a 272-page, 8 1/2 x 11, paperback book.

Youth football is also known by some as Pop Warner football or pee wee football or junior football. I am not affiliated with Pop Warner and never coached in that organization per se.