Changes and improvements to the September 2010 printing

When we sell out of a book, I read it to see if it needs to be changed or can just be reprinted as is. Most of the time, I decide to improve the book.

Here are the improvements in the September 2010 printing compared to the prior printing in 2002:

• 172 pages up from 153
• updated many statistics
• eliminated references to market conditions that no longer apply
• removed statements made out of date by law or technology changes
• improved format to make the book easier to read
• new list of sources of real estate value
• greater emphasis on important points through bold type or all caps
• up-to-date interest rates
• An additional new chapter on “Clean-up and removal” as a cost-efffective way to increase value
• updated references to other books


Warning: Book stores falsely tell you they can sell you my books. I am the sole author and publisher. I do not sell to any library or book store including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and so forth. Therefore, they cannot have any new books of mine to sell you.

$39.95, 266 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback