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This book is for owners, property managers, and resident managers. It tells how to maximize your income and resale value, minimize your expenses, and reduce the hassles of residential management. It is practical, street-smart, aggressive, and thorough.

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Many readers buy one, read it, then order a half dozen more for their managers and tell them, “This is our procedure manual from now on.”

At a speech I gave in San Francisco, I talked about Chapter 3, Excuses for not raising rents. Here is the clip from that speech that I posted on YouTube:

$39.95, 266 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback


  • How to screen out bad tenants
  • How to recruit, supervise, and how much to pay resident managers
  • What is cash flow and how to increase it
  • What to put in your lease
  • How to increase rent & how much to increase it
  • How to reduce property taxes
  • How to set up a bookkeeping system
  • When and how to discipline misbehaving tenants
  • How to manage on an absentee basis
  • How to set rents at the optimum levels
  • Why the typical excuses for not raising rents are not valid
  • Checklists for the most important period: move in and move out
  • How to maximize income other than rent
  • How to deal with emergencies
  • What policies to adopt
  • Which energy conservation measures really make economic sense
  • How to minimize water and sewer expenses
  • How to minimize telephone expenses
  • How to minimize trash collection expense
  • How to get a flat roof repaired or replaced cheaply and reliably
  • How to purchase needed supplies and replacement parts as cheaply as possible
  • What insurance you need and how to get it as cheaply as possible
  • How to deal with the unique management challenges associated with single-family rental houses
  • How to turned unused or underutilized space into rentable space
  • Property management bibliography

"Full of nuts and bolts information," says Ted Willis, Fairfield, CT.