How to Use Leverage to Maximize your Real Estate Investment Return

This is a multi-volume series of books on various aspects of using borrowed money to buy real estate.Not available in traditional or online book stores

Volume 1 Fundamentals
Volume 2 How to Buy Real Estate for Little or No Money Down

More volumes will be published in the future. Watch this page for announcements. Please do not contact us to ask about future volumes.

Leverage maximizes your return. That means it can make you rich, or wipe you out. This book is designed to show you how to use leverage wisely, how to avoid the wipe out.

The book covers how much leverage to use and when to use it. It provides the simplest explanation available on how to calculate the time value of money. It tells which loan clauses to seek and which to avoid, how and when to preserve existing financing, and when to refinance.

Virtually every finance technique is analyzed including often-overlooked techniques like defeasance, prepayment bonuses, substitution of bond collateral, and sunset clauses. Thorough coverage of high leverage techniques including explanation of the problems with most nothing-down techniques.

"The best and most practical real estate book I have ever read." Royden Peabody, Broker-Investor, Boulder, CO

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