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How to Use Leverage to Maximize your Real Estate Investment Return, Volume 2

Government and private programs designed to enable home buyers and investors to buy for 5% or less down. How to use your own strong credit or that of willing others to buy for 5% or less down. Using seller financing to buy with little or no money down. Buying for bargain prices (80% or less of market value) then borrowing 100% of the purchase price, albeit 80% or less of the market value. Taking over high-loan-to-value existing mortgages. Ethical, legal, practical, profitable ways to buy real estate for 0% to 5% down.

How to save for a down payment. Myths about nothing-down purchases. Wrong ways to try to purchase real estate with little or no money down. Most nothing-down techniques are unethical, illegal, immoral, impractical, and/or unprofitable. Don't lose your money, your credit, or your freedom following dangerous advice.

This is volume 2 of a 3-volume set.
Volume 1 is Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance
Volume 3 is How to Structure Your Mortgage.

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$29.95, 104 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback