Single-Wing Offense for Youth Football is a print-on-demand book. That means I only keep a few in stock and print a few more every day. I make changes whenever I discover an error or a way to improve the book. Errors are also mentioned at the SWO errata page so you can update your copy if it contains an error.

Improvements to the book are only available by buying a new copy. Below you can see the nature of any changes made since you bought your copy so you can decide whether and when to buy a new edition.

Changes from second printing in 2005 to third printing in 2009
The Wildcat offense chapter  


Changes from first printing in 2001 to second printing in 2005 Date
enhance fake reverse faking 10/8/01
“false-start” motion to improve sweep 10/10/01
Bud Wilkinson Oklahoma run-pass option comment 10/11/01
Improved explanation of proper post-pass trajectory 10/15/01
Corrected order of selection Nos. 8 & 9 on page 30. They were reversed. 10/22/01
Q-out route to flanker on sprint-out pass vs. man pass coverage 10/27/01
Better type of pitch for buck lateral 11/11/01
Speed of sprint-out pass 11/11/01
Change post pass: TB is passer, BB fakes wing reverse, TB takes crossover jab step toward W, then comes to balance and passes 11/22/01
table showing each position’s assignment on each play 12/31/01
attack substitutes 2/16/02
more explanation of trap block 5/3/02
change blocking paths of wing and long end on off-tackle play versus hotel alignment 5/3/02
more explanation of double-team block 5/3/02