Copyright 2000 by John T. Reed

I have been a real estate guru since 1976. I have met a great many of the other gurus in person or over the phone, email, etc. Generally, if I do not know a particular guru, I know another guru who does.

In those 24 years, I have heard what the bad gurus say about their customers and the way they run their businesses behind the backs of those customers. Unfortunately, I cannot get many people to go on the record with many of these stories so I have to remove the name of the guru in question. I know who each of these quotes is from. But I cannot tell you in most cases because my source would not permit it or because the guru in question has resumed private life. You cannot publicly say anything about a private person even if it is true.

If you know of any behind-the-scenes stories about how the bad gurus talk about their customers behind their backs, or how they talk about their businesses when customers cannot hear, please send them to me.


John T. Reed