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On page 28, I said one of the co-authors of the book Co-opetition was Barry Malebuff. His last name is incorrectly spelled. It’s Nalebuff. And on page 171, I misspelled the first name of Michael J. Mauboussin.

In the Contrarian Edge for Football Offense, I talked about encouraging passers to throw with both arms. Option quarterbacks already pitch with both arms. Right-handed quarterbacks occasionally make a desperation throw with their left hand.

I cited Creighton University pitcher Pat Venditte in the book. He was drafted by the Yankees in June, 2008. Today, 6/24/08, my local paper, the San Ramon Valley Times tells of another ambidextrous pitcher: Chuck Mellick of Tracy. Mellick apparently has a 93-mph right-handed fast ball and is up to 83 mph with his newly acquired left-handed fast ball. He is a left-handed writer but a right-handed pitcher who decided to become ambidextrous. Mellick put video of himself doing all this on the Internet and was contacted by Michael Lavery, a Laguna Beach, CA street painter and owner of a company called Whole Brain Planet who looks for athletes to train an ambidextrousness. Lavery plays tennis with each and and can drive a golf ball 300 yards from either side. Lavery says he thinks this will turn into a revolution. I think it should. I don’t know whether it will.

My book also tells of some other Major League Baseball players who switched from right handed to left handed.

My local paper also notes that MLB player Billy Wagner switched, like Mickey Lolich, from right-handed throwing to left-handed throwing because of an injury. It also tells of 1800s ambidextrous pro baseball pitcher Tony Mullane.