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Coaching Youth Flag Football released

Alamo, CA, June 24, 1999-Twenty million people play flag or touch football. The newly-created NFL Flag league hopes to increase flag participation by three million. Just 1.8 million* play tackle football in the United States. Yet a search for books about flag football at turns up only out-of-print books. Now there is an in-print book about flag football: John T. Reed's Coaching Youth Flag Football.

Reed says that flag is surprisingly similar to tackle football, but there are some significant differences. Flag teams generally have fewer than eleven men on a team. They also have limited blocking and a higher percentage of eligible receivers, as well as other different rules. Some leagues eliminate or greatly restrict the kicking aspects of regular football. "These rule differences mean the best tactics and strategy are often different from what's best in tackle football," says Reed, "There are a zillion books about tackle football, but they are of limited use to flag coaches."
Reed's previous books on football coaching have been extremely well-received. Interested parties can see numerous reader comments at Coaching Youth Flag Football gives the flag football version of such Reed strategies as the contrarian approach and how to run a ball-control offense. "Controlling the ball and staying on offense as much as possible is more important in flag than tackle because it is so hard to succeed at defense in flag. A ball-control offense enables you to keep your defense off the field as much as possible." Reed also alerts readers to the little known fact that flag is a surprisingly dangerous sport and to the safety measures that should be taken.

Reed has coached eleven football teams with players ranging from age 8 to high school varsity. He is also the author of the books: Coaching Youth Football, Coaching Youth Football Defense, and Football Clock Management. He is the clock-management columnist for American Football Coach, the premier football coaching magazine. He holds a B.S. degree from West Point and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. * American Football Coaches Association 1998 figures

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