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Should you buy coaching books after your season starts? Absolutely. Some of the reader comments at this Web site are from coaches who did that and turned their season around as a result. No doubt many have seen lesser improvements as a result of implementing the advice in the books. And most coaches plan to coach next year.

John T. Reed has coached over 35 seasons of coaching youth, high school, and semi-pro sports. Coach Reed is the inventor of the Gap-Air-Mirror defense, or GAM, and his readers have had incredible success implementing it. Read the testimonials for yourself.

This year I put in the singlewing and the GAM defense... We scored 283 points in 10 games, the defense only allowed 25 points in those games. - Jeff Bateman

My books cover topics from youth football to NFL. Some books are strictly for youth football, but some apply to all levels. Football Clock Management has been purchased by multiple NFL head and assistant coaches, and The Contrarian Edge for Football Offense will help at all levels. Many youth football plays & defenses covered in my books are also effective at the high school level.

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Warning: Book stores falsely tell you they can sell you my books. I am the only author and publisher of my books. I do not sell them to any library or book store including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and so forth. Therefore they have no new books of mine to sell you.

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