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These books are listed in the order in which you should read them. Gap-Air-Mirror Defense is my most popular coaching book but only covers the specific aspects of the installation of that particular defense. Coaching Youth Football and Coaching Youth Football Defense cover other generic topics like tackling, video analysis, The Drill, etc.

But you should read all three. You can purchase all 3 by clicking the button below.

John T. Reed has coached over 35 seasons of coaching youth, high school, and semi-pro sports. Coach Reed is the inventor of the Gap-Air-Mirror defense, or GAM, and his readers have had incredible success implementing it. Read the testimonials for yourself.

This year I put in the singlewing and the GAM defense... We scored 283 points in 10 games, the defense only allowed 25 points in those games. - Jeff Bateman

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Coaching Youth Football by John T. Reed
$29.95 - Coaching Youth Football has 272 pages covering offense, defense, and special teams. The book features the single-wing offense and 10-1 defense, but discusses other offenses and defenses at length. As with all my books, Coaching Youth Football is real world and politically incorrect. The other youth football, or Pop Warner football...(read more)

Coaching Youth Football Defense by John T. Reed
$29.95 -It covers defense, videotaping, scouting, substitutions, parents meeting, and many other topics. The book features the 10-1 and Gap-8 defenses, but discusses other defenses at length. $29.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling. CA residents pay sales tax. Youth football is also known by some as Pop Warner football or pee wee football...(read more)

Gap-Air-Mirror Defense for Youth Football by John T. Reed
$29.95 - Gap-Air-Mirror Defense for Youth Football provides an extremely detailed description of how to staff, install, practice, and troubleshoot the Gap-Air-Mirror defense, or GAM. Gap-Air Mirror is terminology invented by John T. Reed to describe the modern, more flexible version of what used to be called the gap-8 and 10-1 defenses. The gap-8 and 10-1 terminology was confusing some...(read more)

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