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No theoretical problem calls

Please do not contact me to prove to you or your fellow coaches why something I advocate in my books works. This happens especially during the summer months just before practice starts. Coaches decide based on theory that something I preach won’t work, then contact me asking me to prove, also theoretically, why it works in spite of their concerns.

1. If it was not already tested and proven by me and/or other coaches, I generally would not have put it in the book to begin with.
2. There are many testimonials at my Web site from coaches who implemented what I advocated and had success. Many of those testimonials tell of coaches who originally thought something wouldn’t work, then changed their minds as the season wore on.
3. The notion that youth coaches with little or no training in coaching football are qualified to critique, on the basis of theory alone, no on-field experience with the technique in question, is a bit nutty. If an experiened high school or higher level coach asked me such a question, I would be glad to take his call. Generally, they do not because they can see that it might work.
4. If you implement what I advocate and find that it is not working, THEN, I will be glad to talk to you about it and how to correct the problem. In other words, I give free “tech support” on my coaching books. But you must first implement it exactly as I told you in my books before you call.
5. 95 times out of 100, those who thought it would not work in theory will find that it did work in practice and they will never make the call for “tech support.”

Thanks, John T. Reed