John T. Reed has coached 35 athletic teams in four sports. He has coached 15 football teams, including nine youth teams when his kids played at that level, and six high school teams.

Reed has also written 15 football coaching books, a column in American Football Quarterly Magazine (now American Football Monthly), articles in Gridiron Coach, National Alliance for Youth Sports magazine, and Scholastic Coach Magazine. Reed has presented coaching clinics around the U.S. including at the two American Football Quarterly Universities and at a special NCAA clinic for select minority major college coordinators who were believed to be on the verge of becoming major college head coaches.

Reed’s book Football Clock Management has been purchased and used by coaches at all levels including the NFL and major colleges. His other books pertain to youth sports which is the largest market for coaching books.

Reed is a West Point graduate and a Harvard MBA. In the military, he was a paratrooper and ranger and was a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, a platoon leader in Vietnam, and a stateside company comander.

Overall, he has written 70+ books and over 5,000 articles on the subjects of coaching, real estate investment, succeeding, and self-publishing. See his overall home page at

Reed is a member of the American Football Coaches Association, the National Federation of High School Coaches Association, the Football Writers Assocition of America, the Professional Football Researchers Association, and the Investigative Reporters and Editors Association.

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