In the course of researching Russ Whitney to defend myself against his lawsuit, I have come across many companies that he seems to be affiliated with in some way. I would appreciate any help readers could give me in firming up and fleshing out the details of these affiliations.

restaurant 1974-1975 Schenectady or Queens, NY short-order cook
taxi company 1974-1975 Schenectady or Queens, NY driver
telemarketing company 1974-1975 Schenectady or Queens, NY telephone salesman
Confederation of Organized Purchasers, Inc. Around 1980 Saratoga Springs, NY salesman
R&I Enterprises around 1976-1984 Schenectady, NY Owner or fictitious or assumed name (d.b.a.)
R & I Contracting around 1976-1984 Schenectady, NY Owner or fictitious name or assumed name (d.b.a.)
Tobin Packing Company around 1976-1978 Schenectady, NY Employee, Member of ???? union
Plumb Realty around 1979-83 1125 Curry Road,
Rotterdam, NY
licensed real estate salesman
Plumbannd Homes, Inc. Around 1979-83 1125 Curry Road,
Rotterdam, NY
licensed real estate salesman
Southwest Management Development and Realty, Inc. starting around 1984 2251 Grand Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901 part owner
National Institute of Financial Planning (apparently part of real estate guru Mark Haroldsen’s business) Around 1984 1831 Fort Union Boulevard
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
speaker on audio cassettes and book author
Tony Hoffman Superstar, Inc. Unknown ???
Appeared on Hoffman’s TV show
Unknown Around 1983 2251 Grand Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901 owner
Fun Rentals Franchising, Inc. Around 1993-4 4818 Coronado Parkway, #19, Cape Coral, FL 33904

lawsuit case # 95-006136 CA in Lee County Clerk’s Web site

“Satan” Around 1984 Schenectady, NY permitted “Satan” to manage his properties in anticipation of sales to “Satan”
vending machine company around 1982 Fort Myers, FL area vending machine salesman
real estate brokerage Around 1982 Cape Coral, FL
licensed real estate agent
According to page 43 of Whitney’s book Overcoming the Hurdles and Pitfalls of Real Estate Investing, he told bankers he held a salaried position with a “realty company” where he had his real estate license
around 1982
Fort Myers FL area
“Commercial property manager”
Hurdles and Pitfalls Publishing, Inc. (name changed 3/8/85) 10/12/84 “Involuntarily dissolved” 11/16/87 2251 Grand Avenue,
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Officer/director D
R & D Companies of Florida Around 1983 1630
Woodford Avenue, Suite B, Fort Myers, FL 33901
Part owner
The Southwest Group, Inc. 10/7/83 “Involuntarily dissolved” 11/1/85 1630
Woodford Avenue, Suite B, Fort Myers, FL 33901
Officer/Director PSD
National Association of Real Estate Investors (non-profit) Around 1984 Suite B, 2251 Grand Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901 Unknown
Unknown Around 1985 604 State Street, Schenectady, NY Partner
R & D Investments of Lee County, Inc. 8/1/83 “Involuntarily dissolved” 11/1/85 1630 Woodford, Ste-B
Ft Myers FL 33901
Officer/Director VSD
Compuworld Business Solutions, Inc. 3/24/87 “Involuntarily dissolved” 11/4/88
The State of Florida Department of Banking took action against this company and Russ Whitney and a bunch of his associates in the late ’80s.
2251 Grand Avenue,
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Officer/Director D
National Home Loan Mortgage Association, Inc. a.k.a. “Nellie Mae” late 1980’s 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
This was a B.S. company that Whitney represented was a “quasi-governmantal agency” In fact, there is no such agency. See the State of Florida action against Whitney for this stunt.
Dave Del Dotto (a guru whom I debated on Larry King Live) Around 1989-90 ?????
Modesto, CA ?????
Whitney was paid 40% of the back-of-the-room sales of Del Dotto books and tapes to make speeches for Del Dotto
Equity Corp. Holdings, Inc.

Oddly, they pronounce this “Equity Core.” The French word “corps,” which has a different meaning from corp., is pronounced that way, but “corp.” is pronounced corp or corporation. Dumb.

3/28/91 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904


Officer/Director DST
BREITENFELD J, KELLY D, WHITNEY R 9/30/91 to 12/31/96 4818 Coronado Parkway, Suite 16
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Oddly, this is a fictitious name Whitney registered. As far as I can tell, it is the only fictitious name he ever registered. His address for the registration is listed as 232 Bayshore Drive, Cape Coral, FL 33904
Teamwork Communications, Inc. Since 11/96

1/15/96 “Admin dissolution for annual report” 9/21/01

232 Bayshore Drive
Cape Coral FL 33904
Whitney’s wife is officer/director PDST
Whitney Consulting Services, Inc. (Previously Financial Consulting Services, Inc. and Whitney Consulting Group, inc.) Since 6/99

Incorporated in WY 7/28/98
expired for failure to file renewal in UT

4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904 also

Suite 200, Building 5, 12227 S Business Park Place
Draper UT 84020

Salt Lake City, UT

President and member of the board

Officer/Director PCD

Subsidiary of Whitney Information Network, Inc.

Professional Marketing International, Inc. around 1998

Lehigh, UT
1311448 Ontario, Inc. Since 10/98 President and member of the board
3667057 Canada, Inc. Since 8/21/98
Whitney Canada, Inc. Since 10/5/98 5945 Airport Road, Suite 260, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1R9, 905-678-1070

Also reported at 3780 Fourteenth Ave. Suite #209, Markham, ON L3R 9Y5

President and member of the board

Subsidiary of 1311448 Ontario. Inc.

Whitney Internet Services, Inc.
Incorporated in WY 6/8/99
7/23/99 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
President and member of the board

Officer/Director PCD

Whitney, Inc. 9/30/99 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Market Power, Inc.
incorporated in WY
1/31/00 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Whitney’s wife is officer/director PDST
Whitney Education Group, Inc. 11/12/92

Formerly WIN Systems, Inc.

Predecessor company started in 1987

4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904 or
1612 Cape Coral Parkway, Suite A,
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Officer/Director CD
Building Wealth ??? ??? ???
Visibility Consulting, Inc. Around 1999 PR firm
WIN Systems, Inc. around 5/1/98 9970 Wayzata Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 Unknown
Whitney Boat Company, Inc. 2/3/99 2400 E Las Olas Blvd.
PMB 120
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
Officer/Director PD
Whitney Leadership Group, Inc. 3/26/91 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Officer/Director STDP
Mortgage Reduction System/EquityCorp. or

MRS Equity Corp.

Since 3/92
4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Majority owner and corporate employee

Subsidiary of Equity Corp. Holdings, Inc.

RAW, Inc. (apparently not registered with the state of FL) Since 2/95 Cape Coral, FL president
Real Estate Success System Unknown Unknown Unknown
Precision Software Services, inc. Since 8/93 Unknown “Controlled by Russ Whitney” according to SEC filings by Whitney Information Network, Inc.
Russ Whitney’s Wealth Intelligence Network, Inc.

Formerly Real Estate Link (FL corporation)

Since 2/99

Since 5/26/96

230 Crown Oak Centre Drive
Longwood, FL 32750
President and member of the board

subsidiary of Whitney Information Network, Inc.

International Administrative Services, Inc. 1999-current Unknown Unknown
Younger’s Life Insurance Clearinghouse 1999-current 800-897-2671 Unknown
Empire Financial Group 1999-current 800-569-3337 Unknown
Real Estate Hotline 1999-current 800-741-7877 Unknown 1999-current 800-469-5046 Unknown
Listmart 1999-current 800-471-5478 Unknown
NIA’s Property/Casualty Insurance Clearinghouse 1999-current 800-966-2155 Unknown
BarterNews 1999-current 714-831-0607 Unknown
Spencer Edwards, Inc. “a market maker in the company stock”
1612 East Cape Coral Parkway Land Trust Since 2000 1612 East Cape Coral Parkway, Cape Coral, FL Simon is trustee and Whitney Information Network, Inc. is the beneficiary
Microfinancial Corp.(NYSE MFI) and its subsidiary LeaseComm Corp.

Peter R. Bleyleben is the CEO of Microfinancial. LeaseComm is their main activity. Bleyleben is a Harvard Business School section mate of my wife. A section is about 85 students who got to school all day every day in the same room for the first year.

Around 2000 10825 Financial Centre Parkway, Suite 100,
Little Rock, AR 72211 and
950 Winter Street,
Waltham, MA 02451 and
Newark, CA and
Woburn, Ma
Bleyleben says Whitney was never one of their dealers, but he figures Whitney probably worked with a LeaseComm dealer. According to various Internet complaints and court documents, Whitney urged attendees at business opportunity seminars to sign leases with LeaseComm. There are numerous class action suits against LeaseComm as well as several state attorney general investigations of them and their parent company, Microfinancial. Bleyleben says his firm no longer accepts leases generated at seminars.
CPI, Inc. 4818 Coronado Parkway, #19, Cape Coral, FL 33904
Whitney Information Network, Inc.
incorporated in CO
Predecessor corporations:
• Gimmel Enterprises, Inc. incorporated 2/23/96 as a shell in search of a business

• changed name to WIN Systems, Inc. 8/10/98
• changed name to Whitney Information Network, Inc. on 2/11/99


4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Officer/Director CD
Bird Dog Program Current 4818 Coronado Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Majority owner and corporate employee
Russ Whitney’s Wealth Education Centers, Inc. (WY corporation) Since 6/8/99 Jackson, MS and Atlanta, GA Unknown

SEC filings by Whitey Information Network, Inc. say there are storefronts with minimal upfront costs located in upscale shopping strip malls and are half funded by local “Joint Venture Partners”

Why would he need Joint Venture Partners if costs are minimal? Are offerings to Joint Venture Partners securities? If so, should they be registered with the state and/or SEC? If so, have they been registered?

In his 2001 Form 10-K/A, Whitney said he had abandoned the Education Centers.

Russ Whitney’s Wealth Education Center of Jackson, MS., Inc. (WY corporation) Since 6/8/99 Jackson, MS Closed in 2001
Russ Whitney’s Wealth Education Center of Atlanta, GA, Inc. (WY corporation) Since 7/22/99 Atlanta, GA Closed in 2001
Russ Whitney, Inc. Unknown Unknown Unknown
WiNet Unknown Unknown Unknown
Corporation Corp. formerly United States Fiduciary Corp. (telemarketing company) Current but changed name to Nevada Processing Services, which is run out of a woman’s home in Oregon Utah Unknown
Nevada Processing Services Current ???????
????, Oregon
Global Resource Network, a.k.a. GRN Unknown Unknown Unknown
American Success Stories Unknown Unknown Unknown
Global Business Network Unknown Unknown Unknown
Global Resource Unknown Unknown Unknown
Net Profits Ultimate Cash Flow System Unknown Unknown Unknown
Winning Edge Unknown Unknown Unknown
MPAP Unknown Fort Myers area Unknown
Cardservice International Unknown Unknown Unknown
E-Commerce Exchange, LLC around 2000 Irvine, CA
Whitney’s SEC filings say they have an “oral agreement” with this company. A representative of this company was introduced to the audience at Whitney seminars. The rep then urged attendees to sign a Leasecomm lease for a credit card machine. Apparently they are still doing someting similar only without Leasecomm.
Internet Development, Inc.
Powersites Network, Inc.
Whitney U.K. Limited Since 10/01 Chiswick, England You can get info about this organization from
Rancho Monterey, S.A. 11/01 Panama owned by Whitney Information Network, inc.
Home Based Business Marketing Group Unknown Unknown Unknown
Home Based Business Association Unknown Unknown Unknown
Discount Marketing Direct Unknown Unknown Unknown
Capital Investment Systems Unknown Unknown Unknown
American Investors Group Unknown Unknown Unknown
“Manufacturing and construction companies” Around 1994 Costa Rica Owner
Trade Marketing, Inc. Owned by a relative of Russ Whitney according to SEC filings
SDI a.k.a. Success Development, Inc. 6/6/03 Jacksonville, FL Whitney Information Network, Inc. reportedly signed a management agreement with SDI. WIN also has a 6-month option to buy SDI real estate training assets. SDI was formerly associated with Florida guru Ron LeGrand.
Whitney Education Network, Inc. 7/24/03 Nevada
Teach Me To Trade, a.k.a. Teach Me Wall Street, a.k.a. Maverick Trading Around 2003 1480 East 820 North
Orem, UT 84097
organization started by someone else and now owned and run by Whitney
Cash Flow Generator 9799 Old Saint Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257 (no longer there and 904-886-2985 is disconnected)

Current address appears to be:1612 Cape Coral Pkwy. E.
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone: (239) 542-0643
Fax: (239) 540-6562 This is Russ Whitney’s headquarters building

Apparently formerly part of the SDI operation (See above) Still has the same 800-number: 800-496-1847
Gulfstream Development Corporation Fort Myers, FL area Whitney owns 25% according to his 2004 Whitney Infomation Network, inc. annual report. Persons attending seminars in Cape Coral, FL apparently are urged to buy lots or houses from Gulstream. In 2004, 282 did according to the annual report. Dan Kelly is reportedly another owner. He is the guy who was Whitney’s friend and partner in Schenectady, NY then moved to FL with him in the early 1980’s.
SCO Utah Associated with uSight below
uSight Utah Apparently another company that pushes Leasecomm type stuff. One Internet posting says Whitney was associated with Bert Young of uSight.

I am seeking the following information about the above affiliations:

• location of the fictitious name statement required to be filed with the county
• names and contact information of employees and owners who knew Whitney
• correct address of the company in question
• dates of Whitney’s affiliation with the company in question
• any litigation involving the organization relating to the period of Whitney’s affiliation
• any public documents relating to the company during Whitney’s affiliation
• any complaints (e.g., BBB, consumer agencies, Internet bulletin boards, etc.) about the company during Whitney’s affiliation
• any bankruptcy of the company in question
• any credit problems of the company during Whitney’s affiliation
• nature of Whitney’s affiliation with the company
• documents required to be filed with the government with regard to non-profit organizations (National Association of Real Estate Investors)
• any other information you think might help me

Some may wonder what the meaning, if any, is of the large number of companies Whitney has been involved with. I suspect such a large number will be impressive to person not familiar with business. It should be noted that all of these are closely-held corporations, that is, they could be not much more than Whitney and another person. Only Whitney Information Network is a public company. It is almost entirely owned by Whitney. These are not public corporations whose stock is traded on major stock exchanges like Ford or GE.

I have written a number of articles on Whitney Information Network, Inc.

There are a number of possible explanations for so many different companies, company names, and subsidiaries:

• He wants to impress unsophisticated prospective customers with what a big conglomerate tycoon he is. Sophisticated persons would likely recognize that this is an excessive number of separate companies. You don’t need a new company name for every product or service. Indeed, in its SEC filings, Whitney Information Network, Inc. says that many of these companies offer the same products and services. Why have more than one name to offer the same thing?
• He is a flake.
• When one of his companies accumulates Better Business Bureau or other publicly available complaints, he changes the company name to avoid being hampered by the reputation of the old company.
• It’s an asset-protection scheme to make it harder for anyone to sue him successfully, or collect if they do, because they have done business with various small entities, each of which has to be sued separately and collected against separately.
• He is trying to capitalize on various business fads like real estate, the Internet, e-commerce,

Copyright 2003 by John T. Reed

Last updated 3/12/03

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