Copyright 2002 by John T. Reed

In the course of researching Russ Whitney to defend myself against his lawsuit, I have come across many publications of his.


One complaint I have heard about both Whitney’s publications and his seminars is that they are repetitive. I can confirm that with regard to his books and cassettes. He tells the same stories over and over. In some cases, the repeated portion is verbatim. The two books Building Wealth System and Keys to Real Estate Financing Locating & Analyzing contain verbatim passages from the book Building Wealth. Whitney is entitled to do that, but he ought to tell customers that they will be getting the same material if they buy all three books.

I would appreciate any help readers could give me in acquiring copies of each and every one of them. Items that are in red are things I need readers to help me find.

Copyright date
Copyright owner
Overcoming the hurdles & pitfalls of real estate investing 1984 National Institue of Financial Planning (Mark Haroldsen) comb-bound book
Overcoming the hurdles & pitfalls of financing, locating & analyzing of real estate 1984 Russell A. Whitney comb-bound book
same same same audio cassettes
Building wealth keys to real estate financing locating & analyzing 2000 Whitney Education Group, Inc. paperback book
Building wealth system 2000 Whitney Leadership Group, inc. paperback book
same Unknown Unknown manual, video cassettes, audio CDs
Basics rehabs and realities 1984 National Institue of Financial Planning (Mark Haroldsen) audio cassettes
The Real Estate Forms book No copyright notice or date appears in the book Appears to contain material copyrighted by others paperback book
Offers & contracts, Basics rehabs realities 1984 National Institute of Financial Planning comb-bound book
Salesmanship, the winner’s edge in real esatte investing 1984 Russell A. Whitney 2251 Grand Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901
newsletter (I want to acquire a complete collection of Whitney’s newsletters) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Building wealth (review by John T. Reed) 1994 Whitney Leadership Group, inc. paperback book
Teach me to trade system Unknown Unknown (offered on Whitney Web site but may not be authored by Whitney) Unknown
Investor tool box Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wealth intelligence network Unknown Unknown book
Business success system Unknown Unknown software
Real estate success system Unknown Unknown software
Discount notes & mortgage training Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mortgage payoff acceleration program
(Review of the MPAP manual by John T. Reed)
2000 Mortgage Reduction SystemEquityCorp. software, audio cassettes, video tape, book
same Unknown Unknown enrollment forms
same Unknown Unknown audio cassettes
Credit repair manual Unknown Unknown Unknown
Property tax reduction manual Unknown Unknown Unknown
One in a million 90 day challenge (sic) Unknown Unknown audio CDs, book
Discount notes & mortgages Unknown Unknown audio CDs, book
Travel agency in a box Unknown Unknown Unknown
Russ Whitney’s business success system Unknown Unknown Unknown
Purchase Option Camp Unknown Unknown Unknown


A glossary in the back of Overcoming the hurdles & pitfalls of financing, locating & analyzing of real estate appears extremely inconsistent with Whitney’s writing style. I wonder if it was copied from another publication. I would appreciate it if readers would check their pre-1984 real estate books for a real estate glossary that starts with the definition “Accelerated depreciation-A method of cost write-off in accounting practice in which allowances for depreciation of a wasting asset are greater in the early years and decline according to a formula” and ends with the definition “Wraparound mortgage-In general, a third party lender refinances the property by assuming the existing mortgage (and its debt service) and ‘wraps around’ a new junior mortgage.” [By the way, I disagree with that definition of a wraparound.]

Promotional literature

I am also interested in acquiring a collection of every promotional piece Whitney ever distributed. Often, these are inside the covers of Whitney products you bought.

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